Jim Henry

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Jim Henry, constantly searching for new challenges to engage his brilliant mind, translated Ulysses into Irish when ill health forced him into early retirement from the RAF.

A well travelled man of the world, yet a loving family man and a dedicated doctor, he returned to his birthplace, Doohoma in Mayo, as often as he could.

The Translation

Jim combined a love for his native language with a fascination with the work of James Joyce to produce Irish translations of Ulysses, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and The Dead.

His early retirement meant he had the time to pursue this interest.

Early Days

Jim left his native Doohoma on Blacksod Bay to go to University in Dublin at the age of 16. He qualified as a doctor, married and went to live in Belfast.

RAF Career

Jim joined the RAF as a Squadron Leader just after the war. He served in parts of Africa and several places in the Middle East. When he retired in the 1970s, he’d reached the rank of Group Captain.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Once Jim realised he had a drinking problem and decided to do something about it, he became a lifelong and enthusiastic member of AA.

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